We have built our expertise in the below areas.


Customised Web Applications and Product development


Customization is an art and we try to master it every time we face our customers. Especially in a world of personalized thoughts, we do believe demand for customized products are always on the rise. Web Applications and Product development on web is our primary strength and we choose two main Application development stacks MEAN and MERN for our customers apart from our other technical capabilities in Java and Python for high processing applications. We also make the development process completely Agile and also support with our DEVOPS capability.


Organizational Chat Solutions


Communication through text has always been an effective way in the Internet. Our solutions on making Chat Feature integrated into any product on the web helps the customers to build a totally viable support solution and an internal communication mechanism. Our customized Chat bots help build a well-defined operations and support solution in case of any predefined queries and the same is routed to internal teams with socket I/O for support personnel responses.

Data Science – Pipelining, Visualizations and Analytics


Data has become the most powerful resource on the planet. Our expertise is to build a solid data pipeline for Machine learning models setting up the Data mining, Extraction, Ingestion, Orchestration, Staging, and Preprocessing forming the optimal Data Lake needed for training Machine learning. We also build interactive visualizations and reporting on the data helping customers make right decisions.


Cloud and DevOps


Cloud and DevOps are the drivers of the rapid increase in number of applications on the web. We do work on all three major cloud players AWS, Azure and GCP in setting up the infrastructure, platform or services. We help in containerizing apps, orchestration of the containers and building CI/CD pipelines. The process we have defined for setting up the whole DevOps is clear and definitive helping customers to rapidly increase the scale of building new features without the hassle of deployment and maintenance.

Exploratory tracks


Our thirst for technology is one of our key drivers which makes us build an exclusive team for exploratory technologies. Currently we do manage teams working on RPA and Augmented Reality. Robotic Process Automation is taking software automation to the next level. We use UIPath in exploring the ways and means of software automation which we can implement for our customers. We also work on Augmented Reality where we try to augment industrial or biological process to help people who work on those process understand clearly and take decisions.


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