By Ysquare Posted April 7, 2022

How many of us are so eager to build a design rich, fully featured and highly scalable software product? Yes, we put in a lots of thought and effort to bring a software product to life. What happens after that?

It’s like a typical romantic fairy tale where the movie or tale ends in a successful marriage and no body cares what happens after that. Yes, Likewise how the actual problems/happiness begins after marriage, everything begins after a successful product launch. A successful product launch especially in software is like a grand wedding. How many teams are prepared to face the music after a launch?

Yes, Teams with clear thought and precision planning for maintaining a software/app are the ones who could give a successful product on a longer run. Right from logging error traces to automating test cases, there are so many areas where teams need to plan during the development phase rather than sweating it out after launching a product.

Team members should be mentored to think in terms of ESTABLISHING a product rather than LAUNCHING a product. Yes there is a big difference. Unfortunately today’s start ups are more focused on launching fancy products/features where they don’t find time or thought to establish the same.Yes many best practices of software development could definitely help maintain it in a better way, but teams should know the values of best practices and how they will help the product become an established one.

Hope this would be an interesting read for you. This is a series blog, Each of the above item would be discussed in detail in terms of tools, best practices, real time experiences on the same. Stay tuned…

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