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We perform end to end quality assurance for web app, mobile app, SaaS and IoT applications by extensively testing discrete units and elements of a product. Our testing strategies are highly emphasized on business-driven goals and test cases along with risk avoidance thought process.
We are specialized in both manual and automated testing methodologies to make certain that your application is fully functional, user friendly and secured. Our testing team is equipped with the best testing practices, test automation tools & frameworks to deliver quality assurance that meets industry leading compliance and benchmarks.

Our Testing offerings include,
Functional testing

We ensure that your application's functionalities are meeting the goals and requirements through extensive test case planning and execution.

Regression testing

We make sure that your whole application is running properly even after adding new functionalities and code changes.

Security testing

We emphasize on information security and make certain that there are no loose ends in the application, which can be exploited.

Compatibility testing

We do compatibility testing for your applications to ensure that it runs on different OS, devices, browsers and versions without any issues.

Performance testing

We test your application’s performance by assessing factors such as speed, reliability, scalability etc.

Usability testing

We focus on usability as well as aesthetics of your applications by ensuring that the application is highly user friendly without any glitches.

Testing tools

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