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Cloud optimization is a shared responsibility to ensure optimal performance, maximum return on investment (RoI) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our optimization process starts with assessing how effectively your existing setup and services are meeting your goals and objectives and define prevailing gaps that has to be drawn out to bring the best out of your cloud platform. Primarily our cloud engineers will find out the resources that are idle, orphaned and over positioned, after which they will come up with strategies like downsizing, autoscaling and automation to make them handle workloads efficiently.

As we are exploring and experimenting new trends and services across multiple cloud platforms, we can assure you gilt-edge cloud experience within your defined performance price trade-off.

Our offerings include,
Architecture Assessment

We assess your existing cloud architecture to ensure that they are in the right shape to meet your goals.

Resource Rightsizing

We make certain that your resource capacity is able to meet your expected performance at lowest cost possible.

Storage & Data Transfer

We optimize your cloud storage and data services for better performance and reduced economy of spend.

Cloud Expenditure Analysis

We leverage cloud native and other proprietary tools to give you deep insights about your cloud expenditure.

Reservation Management

We understand your business goals then reserve and manage right-fit cloud services to achieve them.

Configuration Management

We configure all types of your cloud assets to ensure that they are communicating with each other and meeting your requirements.

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