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Cloud monitoring is quintessential to keep your IT environment intact due to increasing workloads and most importantly to make sure that your business goals aligned with your choice of cloud services.

Our team is capable of taking charge of your much needed cloud monitoring activities like evaluating, monitoring and managing. We enable business stakeholders to have visibility and control over their cloud services by providing tailored monitoring solutions with essential KPIs being identified. We perform both proactive and reactive monitoring strategies for event reporting and alert management to minimalize your downtimes to miniscule. Our team has expertise in both cloud platform native tools and third-party tools that can provide insights to you to make effective decision making to improve ROI as well as performance.

Our offerings include,
Log Monitoring & Analysis

We can extend your visibility over your cloud platform through our expertise in log monitoring and analysis tools.

Alert Management

We can proactively oversee your cloud services to address and manage the alerts effectively.

Real time User Monitoring

We capture, analyze and report on real users of your cloud applications.

Advance Reporting & Auditing

We enable you to get more control and insights on your cloud platform through our reporting and auditing services.

Database Monitoring

We monitor and analyze your cloud native database as well as other databases environments.

App Performance Management

We monitor, analyze and report on your cloud application performance with the help of our expertise in APM tools.

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