Utility Monitoring

About project:

“Imagine a World with Enough Water for Everyone”. This is the motto of our customer who went ahead and trusted Ysquare in building an IOT based Water Metering and Monitoring solution across Residential communities and Industrial Workplaces.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

End to End Serverless Architecture for the data ingestion pipeline.


Multiple formats of data with sensors sending data through different network protocols like MQTT, HTTP, Bluetooth, LORAWAN, WebSocket etc.


Organizing data from multiple sources and streamlining them into one unique data pipeline.

Handling data inconsistencies from IOT sensors due to overflow, reverse flow, noise and other external environmental factors.

Failover and redundancy in a 24/7 automated system of active sensors.

Demand for the sensors to scale 25% higher every quarter.

Solutions Built:

Designed and built an end to end Serverless system for the data ingestion with appropriate mechanism to trace the sensors and their data.


A Hybrid Mobile Application for the home users to keep a track of their respective consumptions and pay bills accordingly.


Designed and built a well sophisticated web application for the community managers to get a perspective of the water usage of their community.


Designed and built a web Application for sensor monitoring to ensure reliability of the data and to manage customer feedback.


Designed a robust and scalable Cloud infrastructure in AWS with best practices to manage data reliability and scalability.



Active Sensors


Homes using the system

3B +

Liters of water saved

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