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About Project:

Taxation can be a tedious and hectic chore but also a very vital task to be carried out by every individual and organization. Our customer wanted to provide an end-to-end solution to reduce the ambiguity among the users related to the Taxation system in Canada by creating a tax filing app. With this motto, they trusted Ysquare in building a comprehensive web and mobile application to provide exceptional tax filing and consultation services.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Live tracking of the status of the tax filing with options to asynchronously follow up with the customers and answer their queries.


Automated document verification system to manage the volume of documents getting uploaded by users.


Accommodating custom rules for different income slabs and states using an open-source business rules engine.


Requirement and user research with minimum subject matter expertise

Building a customer care chat solution with a specific feature for attending customer queries by a dedicated team of taxation experts.

Synchronisation of admin and the backend users and multiple users accepting the files for review at the same time in queues.

Assignment of tasks for moving devices paired to physical objects at high speed like vehicles.

Solution Built:

The following solutions are solved by our tax filing app:
Designed and built a web app for the Admin and Backend users primarily to manage and review the tax filed by the users.
Designed and built a mobile app for real-time users willing to get their Tax filed by the taxation experts.



Registered Users


Tax returns filed

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