Smart Railways

About Project:

 Indian Railways is one of the vast ecosystems in the world with a tough challenge to monitor and manage resources. Water being one of the primary natural resources is often found wasted in the railway stations. As part of Smart city initiatives, our customer came up with a noble thought of saving water with the help of IOT in such a crowded ecosystem in abundance.

Tech Stack:

Technical highlights:

On premise architecture for each and every railway station with independent controls.

Visual representation of the Railway station with water pipelines is achieved with libraries like GoJS.



Scheduled Switches as well as Ad Hoc Switches for valves to release and stop water on the platforms.

Customizing library GOJs for representing the status of different valves in each railway station.

Failover and redundancy in a 24/7 automated system of active sensors in an on-premise infrastructure.

Capturing Device malfunctions and data loss in transit and enabling automated reconciliation of reports.

Solution Built:

Designed and built streaming pipelines for the data ingestion with appropriate mechanisms to trace the sensors and their data.


Designed and built a well sophisticated web application for the station administrators to get the usage of water for respective platforms.


Designed and built a web Application for sensor monitoring and scheduling of valves to stop and release water from their desks.


Designed a robust and scalable On-premise infrastructure with best practices to manage data reliability and scalability.



active sensors for valves





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