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About Project:

Every startup is obvious of tasks like naming the business and creating a logo, registration, taxation etc. But when a startup idea takes off, there are bigger agendas like Purpose, Target customers, Go to Market strategies, Financial planning etc. Rather than spinning the wheels and guessing where to start and how to travel, our customer came up with a solution to package all this process into a web application to empower the startup growth journey.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

1.Auto calculative financial grids with multiple ad hoc formulas and charts.


2.Customizing third party widgets like calendar, Sticky notes, flowcharts etc.



1.Customised Kanban view and Gantt view for managing operations.

2.Design customization of the full calendar API to create multiple events, recurrence etc. in the calendar.

3.Built a well articulated business plan pitch deck integrating all the modules.  


Solutions Built:

1.A web application that allows users to evaluate their start up idea and manage their journey from concept to completion.


2.Built an automated and containerized infrastructure for the platform to run in the cloud.


3.Component based microservices for easy integration and deployment.




Lesser planning hours


Documents Managed


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