Emergency Assistance

About Project:

A product’s success indirectly lies in the seriousness of the problem it solves. Guiding people during an emergency is a noble and impactful act. Our client brought this impressive thought of assisting people during a medical emergency by providing them information about nearby hospitals, necessary first aid, etc, and in the worst-case bringing an expert available doctor into a video call as a lifeline. 

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Managing the SQS queues with different call centre assistants and allocating the right priority emergency tickets to each of them.


Maintained high latency with the Serverless backend and proper throttling.


Customised video calling interface using JITSI – an open source video conferencing solution.


Turn around time of assigning the tickets to be implemented in an automated way.

SLA for the Emergency when there is a video calling in place is to be met.

Finding appropriate hospitals for the specialized care scenarios.

Solutions Built:

A web Application for the virtual assistant users to handle emergencies like an incident management system.


Serverless backend holding all integrations as separate AWS API Gateways and Lambdas.


A mobile app including video calling and google map integration for triggering the emergencies and tracking them.



Major Insurance carrier


Hospitals lookup


Calls everyday

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