Payer Insights

About project:

Addressing the health and well-being of employees in a workplace can make a good difference in improving their performance, mental health and self- efficacy. Digital reporting solutions have better chances of therapeutic approaches and also support positive behavioral change on a large scale. This Payer Insights Reporting platform is built as a solution to optimize healthcare costs by visually reporting on chronic conditions analysis and their diagnosis.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Building an automated pipeline using Azure Triggers and functions which was a new stack to pick up and learn


Forecasted financial resources based on employees risk factors and improve value for organization by changing benefits plans.


Ensured data integrity and accuracy with ease of use empowering employers to make informed decisions with speed and confidence.


Getting into deep domain understanding and understanding medical insurance terms like reinsurance, stop loss etc and accommodate them into the scripts.


Predicting the employee benefits cost by tracking employees with chronic conditions and monitoring their medication cost & utilization patterns.


Integrating the system with the AI prediction results from a third party system of one of the largest healthcare chains in the U.S 

Solutions Built:

Designed an end to end data pipeline process starting with Azure data factory on ETL mapping, data cleaning, EDA(exploratory data analysis), root cause analysis, impact analysis, feature extraction, addressed data quality issues on large volumes of data.


2.Built well sophisticated and visually appealing Reports in Power BI with clear navigation and hierarchies.


Built automations at significant layers to ensure error reporting, monitoring of file processing and daily feed checks.


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