Forex Interface

About Project:

As we gradually move to the next phase of digital transformation and innovation, secure transactions of money globally have become a requisite. With a purpose-driven strategy to mobilise the movement of money, our customer came up with an online platform for money transfer as a solution in which the existing system allowed only registered users to do the transactions. The new requirement was to empower users to transfer/amend money without a registered login by developing a self-service portal.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Created custom rules for different exchange rates on different currencies.


Multilingual support with i18N and localization for 10 languages initially to start with to offer better experiences in facilitating customer communication.

Security implementation at all levels from infrastructure to data encryption.


Clarity on user authenticity checks to handle the transaction of users who are not registered within the system.

Provision to amend and cancel existing transactions.

Solution Built:

Designed and built the web and mobile interface for the instant money transfer portal.


Built common reusable components to handle all three create, edit and cancel transactions across multiple other portals.


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