Insurance Operator

About project:

A health insurance plan can serve as a solution to deal with rising medical costs, but the real challenge comes into action while processing its claims. To make this process easy, our customer came up with a thought of building an online medical insurance platform with the available latest technology for processing the insurance claims by serving as a bridge between the clinical admins & corporate employees.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Ease of use in the mobile app for employees with a scan of QR code to complete all the clinic entry processes within a few seconds.


Creating a similar template as in AWS cloud for an On-premise solution to manage system availability, security and redundancy.


Auto creation of simple promotional posters to be sent to employees explaining the benefits as bulk in app notifications.


Building an on-premise solution with limited bandwidth to control mechanisms and still achieve 100% resilience.

Migration of the existing system elements and data to a completely new system and managing the co-existence period.

Accomodating custom rules for combinations of different plan types, employee designations and roles, employer engagement models etc

Solutions built:

Designed and built batch data pipelines for the data ingestion and processing with appropriate logs and validation checkpoints.


Designed and built a well sophisticated web application for the insurance provider and care provider to understand the health of the population and manage the cost incurred. 


Designed and implemented robust and scalable cloud Infrastructure end to end with best practices to manage data reliability and scalability.


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