Compressor Monitor

About Project:

The compressor is one of the vital elements of any large industrial process. But managing and monitoring it continuously and seamlessly through a machine monitoring system is a challenging task. Our customer came up with this problem statement of building a machine monitoring system specifically for monitoring compressors in any industrial process thereby making industrial processes seamless.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

Live updates of the data using Web Socket with multiple compressors sending data at different intervals.


Appealing visuals for representing the pressure levels and various parameters of the compressors.


The machine monitoring system will be capturing pressure ups and downs along with alerts to manage the compressor activities.

One of the challenges to be solved by the machine monitoring systems includes the detection of missing signals with time-lapse and reproducing the same with required projections.

Failover and redundancy in a 24/7 automated system of active sensors in an on-premise infrastructure is another key challenge to be faced by the machine monitoring system.

Solutions Built:

Our machine monitoring system will help with the challenges by providing the following solutions.


Designed and built streaming pipelines for the data ingestion with appropriate mechanisms to trace the sensors and their data.


Designed and built a well-sophisticated web application for the administrators to get the different pressure levels.


Designed a robust and scalable On-premise infrastructure with best practices to manage data reliability and scalability.



Compressors Monitored



Every 5 min

Signals Processed

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