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About Project

Cloud kitchen is an expanding market in India with a lot of challenges. The ultimate trick of managing a shared cloud kitchen lies in the management of utilities like Electricity, Water and Gas. With a dream of reaching the unicorn food delivery players in India, our client came up with this problem statement of shared utility management across cloud kitchens. 

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights

Data loss recovery mechanism with appropriate queues and caches in the timeseries.


Multiple formats of data – Postgres – OLTP, TimeScaleDB – TimeSeries, Mo ngoDB – NoSQL, Redis – Cache


Identifying gas pilferages using the consistent monitoring of deviations in the weight of the cylinder.

Report reconciliations with the TNEB electricity bills and the sensor readings for individual kitchens.

Failover and redundancy in a 24/7 automated system of active sensors.

Capturing Device malfunctions and data loss in transit.

Solution Built

Designed and built streaming pipelines for the data ingestion with appropriate mechanisms to trace the sensors and their data.


Designed and built a well sophisticated web application for the kitchen brand managers to get the usage of utilities of respective kitchens.


Designed and built a web Application for sensor monitoring to ensure reliability of the data and to manage customer feedback.


Designed a robust and scalable Cloud infrastructure in AWS with best practices to manage data reliability and scalability.



Active sensors




food Unicorns

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