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About project:

Being one of the world’s top Biotechnology companies is not so easy in terms of managing applications in different geographies and user bases.Our customer came up with a use case for such a big client of theirs who had this problem where a customized single sign-on with the language being dynamic to accommodate from wherever the users log in.


Tech Stack:

Technical highlights:

End to End Serverless architecture with even the React Frontend was packaged in a Lambda and rendered as server side completely.


Languages were mapped to geographies and dynamically rendered in the Signin, Register and Profile forms.


Completely Serverless embedding even the React application with lambda.

Integration with the third party identity and access management platform ForgeRock.

Migration and co-existence of multiple applications at once.

Veracode integration for the code review integrating multiple applications.

Solutions built:

A Web Application for the applications to integrate to manage their user base.


End to End Serverless holding all integrations as separate AWS API Gateways and Lambdas.


Well sophisticated DevOps pipeline integrating veracode for code quality.



Requests everyday


Applications integrated



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