Logistics Suite

About Project:

The application handles the Trucking Management System features in an effective way in the form of a web application which can be accessed using any device and at any time.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

1. live updates using web sockets to send notifications to users and also to refresh data when a new order is created


2. Used QuickBooks to handle payment for customers and track the payment for multiple orders for every individual customer and generate invoice and reports to customers through mail.


3. Table Columns Customization for Users where one can configure the columns they wish to see in the table and can resize the columns.


4. Save as Draft feature when all the information for specific order is not present to fill the order later.


5. Track truck location information through Bing Maps for the users to track the location of Each truck.




1. Handling Multiple legs for each order by only assigning available drivers to legs and handling cases like Street turn to assign same empty container to another order.

2. Processing the XML file for every 5min interval and creating automatic orders by validating every information related to order in the file and sending mail to the respective user when any data present in the file is not valid.

3. Automatically calculating estimated time of arrival for Inbound Orders that are transported by railways

Solutions Built:

 1. A Micro service Web Application for the Administrators to monitor and handle multiple orders.


2. Designed and implemented Admin Page to Create Users, Customers and Handle Multiple Data related to each order.


3. Designed Rate Management Page to Create Estimated Rates for Accessories and the distance travelled for every order.


4. Designed Order, Dispatch, and Invoice Pages to handle Multiple customer orders and to create Invoices for Customers and send through mail.


5. Implemented Rail tracing service to Calculate the Estimated time of arrival of containers for multiple orders common for all tenants


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