Cognitive e-learning

About Project:

Upskilling in the Tech world is inevitable and with a tough competition in the corporate companies, it becomes a mandate for their employees. With a vision of addressing this problem, our client solutioned an e-learning platform to personalise learning experience for corporate clients as a SAAS based platform.

Tech Stack:

Technical Highlights:

1.Personalized content recommendation system based on employee’s behaviors and learning needs

2.Interactive content presentation

3.Virtual classroom for conducting online sessions with a coach/instructor.


 1.Isolated data store for every client that holds client information and course contents

2.Auto scaling of resources based on the load.

3.Management of different deployments/integrations at one place.

4.Propagating new data model changes to all existing client instances.

Solutions built:

1.Built a web application to enable trainers to upload and employees to register and learn.      


2.Setting up the Kubernetes cluster in AWS to manage all the resource deployments.


3.Program to run the entire required initial setup when a new customer onboarding.


4.Data store in Aurora Serverless & EFS.


5.Setup of client onboarding pipeline that automatically sets up the required database, file system & custom subdomain based on the customer input in the signup page.


6.EKS cluster to manage and auto scale all the resources based on application usage.


7.DNS management for client specific subdomain.


8.Dynamic SSO setup with different authentication protocols.

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