Dialog Flow


A Google-owned interaction platform that deploys natural language conversations that helps any business to sell their product, and keep their customers stay tuned with its updated information 24/7.

The deployment of Natural language Processing would bring in the required perk to dialogue flow by understanding the intent of the client and deliver them with the best user experience. Dialogflow undergoes cross-platform, multi-device, and diversified language deployment, which makes it the most demanded chatbot.


Node Socket.IO


Socket.IO is a library that helps to create interactive bi-directional chat solution between the browser and its server. Socket.IO is highly reliable which maintains the connections even in the presence of proxies and load balancers, firewalls, and anti-virus software.

Socket.IO enables re-connection provided if it faces certain scenarios like disconnected client sends a request to reconnect, the server is available to get reconnected,and the chat solution gets instruction to reconnect.

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