Screen Design- Zeplin


Zeplin is interactive and highly effective that helps to carry out the designing and development activities in a synchronised way to deliver affluent product that entices the end user. Our team deploys Zeplin tool in a proficient way which helps in timely project delivery.


Front-end framework


Front-end frameworks were also known as CSS frameworks are collective packages of pre-written standardized codes which are available in files and folders.

HTML is a collection of platform-independent styles that helps to create websites and various components of web documents. HTML is found to be the most preferred tool since it can easily understand the way all internet browsers works.

CSS is a formatting language that boosts up the intractability of HTML and justifies its element implication on creating designs for a different set of web pages.

This light weighted object-based language is highly case sensitive that helps the user to have control over the browser they handle and also capable of detecting the exact browser and OS that user handles.

Being the premier front-end java-script based web app framework Angular is well-known for its flexible implementation in creating any web or mobile apps.

The high-demand for creating an interactive and robust application gets satisfied through the deployment of React JS.


Back-end framework


Back-end frameworks carry out extensive security enhancement tasks by protecting API from third-party attacks, provide authorization to concerned users, availing flawless interaction between databases and navigating URLs to databases to derive requested information by the client.

Java is a handy programming language with utmost flexible nature of getting adapted to any platform once written, our efficacious team of developers makes the best use of this language and have the potency to convert it into a highly suitable server-side application according to the industry.

J2EE is a platform-independent Java-centric language created to develop exclusive web-based applications for enterprises. J2EE holds a specific set of services, APIs, and protocols that deliver the required set of functionalities in creating a web application.

Spring framework is a light-weight platform that helps in creating business applications by solving their persisting complexities using Spring core, Spring Ioc, and Spring AOP.

Python is the highly demanded programming language in the current development scenario, and it has the power to create a normal web application to high-end technology applications like AR and VR.

A high-level MVC pattern and a collection of open-source libraries created based on Python and found to be the well-established server-side web framework.

Another open-source, cross-platform JavaScript that runs outside the browser, node.js uses javascript for client-side scripting were JavaScript is embedded with website page HTML.

A node.js based open source framework that helps in creating REST APIs and also assists in connecting devices and browsers with data and services in a quick way.

A back-end framework that works based on JavaScript and synchronizes well with its peers which got developed under the similar JavaScript base.



The database is a structured collection of data used by any organization to store, retrieve and manage information effectively. Database architecture prevails in an external, internal and architectural format.

PostgreSQL is an advanced open-source database system developed on POSTGRES4.2 platform. PostgreSQL is a general purpose object-relational DBMS system tailored made to run on UNIX platforms initially and later it got adapted to other operating systems like MacOS, Solaris and Windows.

Being the most popular database, MySQL has made a strong presence in the entire database arena with its high performance, reliability and ease of use.

An open-source database that uses a document-oriented data model and non-structured query language and also the most powerful NoSQL kind.

Being an open-source, in-memory data structure store, Redis found to cater multi-beneficial like database, cache and message broker that supports various data structures such as Strings, Hashes, Lists, and Sets.

As a NoSQL, native graph database, Neo4j is an open-source that delivers ACID- complaint transactional backend in creating applications.


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