By Ysquare Posted March 24, 2022

                               Imagine you are walking deep into the jungle where you come across a Tiger face to face. You have no choice than to run and escape from getting caught into his ferocious jaws. Imagine this is a tiger who never gives up on his chase but slowly eats up your body part by part giving you many chances to escape. As you run, you start to learn different things one by one on the way like the directions of the jungle, ways & places to hide, relax, eat etc. The more you learn and utilize, the more you have chances of extending your stay in the jungle.


Your professional career is also nothing less than of a chasing tiger. Yes, the day you started your career, you have met your Tiger and started to run. Your chance of survival depends upon the decision that you gonna make. If you make it right you will be successful else it will be a ride full of regrets.

How you gonna approach your TIGER, I mean your CAREER ? You can be a SMART WINNER by being part of our team - Ysquare technology.

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Software Product Launch

A Grand Wedding! It’s like a typical romantic fairy tale where the movie or tale ends in a successful marriage and no body cares what happens after that. Yes, Likewise how the actual problems/happiness begins after marriage, everything begins after a successful product launch. A successful product launch especially in software is like a grand wedding. How many teams are prepared to face the music after a launch?

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