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  1. Task- Functionalities:

       While getting things done.

  • How they are doing.
  • What they are missing.
  • What they are expecting.
  • What they actually need.

  1. Address the user profile:

      Define the attribute (or) persona of our application user.

  • Skills required – Application tools.
  • Social media user – FB, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin.
  • Common application of this profile like Excel, Tally, Peachtree, Oracle.
  1. Decide their Paradigm:

      Based on the Address of the user profile, Identify the common behavior and the options of two places and navigations, which covers all the user that we defined in the user profile.

  1. Once the functionality layout and navigation is done, Identify the maker, Gatekeeper, Influencer and Decision maker (Here we don’t need Gatekeeper).

    5. Identify the need and interest of Influencer and decision maker. Here Influencer act as a supervisor while the      Decision maker act as a Glance viewer (Glance viewer is a person who wants to get the overview or picture of what is happening, in a single glance.

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